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Chromodoris sibogae

Chromodoris sibogae, synonym: Glossodoris sibogae - a less common species of sea slug living in the tropical Pacific, known in Indonesia, Fiji and, more often, in French Polynesia. Keeping these clams is recommended only for experienced aquarists.

Glossodoris sibogae live in depths of 3 to 20 m, where they feed on a variety of colored sponges on shallow reefs facing the sea. Although Glossodoris sibogae are found mainly in rocky coastal areas of coral reefs entirely overgrown with sponges, hard and soft corals, they have also been seen in areas with sandy or muddy bottoms.

Chromodoris sibogae

Chromodoris sibogae is very similar in shape and coloration to Glossodoris atromarginata, and we must admit that there is no reliable way to distinguish between the two mollusks without dissecting them to study their teeth. The radular teeth of Glossodoris sibogae are about half the size of those of Glossodoris atromarginata.

Glossodoris sibogae has distinctly intense bright yellow color of mantle and foot. The thin black margin edging the sinuous mantle is always separated from the bright yellow to brownish yellow dorsal body by a broad bright white line. Like Glossodoris atromarginata, Glossodoris sibogae is a peaceful species that spends its waking hours searching for food.

Glossodoris sibogae, like many sea slugs, secrete poisonous toxins as a defense mechanism when threatened, so care should be taken not to keep them with aggressive predators that may view them as food. Glossodoris sibogae is a relatively large sea slug that can reach almost 10 cm in length. 

They have a radula about half the size of Glossodoris atromarginata and a long mouthpipe which allows them to penetrate deep into partially buried sponge colonies, which are slightly hidden under other growths so they can feed. Because of their eating habits, sea slugs are quite difficult to keep in an aquarium.

They are insatiable sponge eaters, and require fairly spacious reef aquariums of 250 liters or more. The aquarium should contain plenty of mature live rock and sponges, and the substrate should be sandy.

Chromodoris sibogae

Water parameters: temperature 22-26 ° C, hardness dH 8-12 °, acidity pH 8.1-8.4, salinity 1.023-1.025. Clams need moderate water movement, for which you can apply a water pump. They are also sensitive to sudden changes in water parameters and the presence of high concentrations of nitrates and copper.

When you start Hromodoris sibogae in a new aquarium, they rather long acclimatize to the new conditions and during this period should not include lighting. The main menu for Chromodoris sibogae are live sponges. Without a constant supply of live sponges in their diet, they begin to starve, which will eventually lead to their death. This is the main difficulty in keeping these mollusks in an aquarium.


In established reef aquariums, keeping a colony of Glossodoris sibogae often results in their regular spawning.

Glossodoris sibogae is sometimes available to marine aquarium enthusiasts in specialty stores and online from various sources.

Chromodoris sibogae

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