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Bathybates ferox

Bathybates ferox live in the wild in Lake Tanganyika, Africa. It is a large cichlid that stays in open water, preying on other fish. In the wild, Bathybates ferox lives mostly in open water at depths of 100 meters or more.

Bathybates ferox has a long, narrow body. The body coloration is blue-gray in the upper part and whitish in the lower part. The dorsal and anal fins are blue-gray, and the other fins are yellowish. On the sides of males have rows of rounded dark brown spots. Males are slightly larger than females. The maximum size of fish reaches 39 cm.

Bathybates ferox is a predator. He does not hesitate to attack any smaller fish within reach. It is most active with the onset of dusk.

Bathybates ferox

The aquarium for keeping Bathybates ferox should be very large. Considering the considerable size of the fish and their predatory behavior the length of the tank should be at least 2 meters long. Keep the fish should be a small group of 5-7 fish in an aquarium of 3000 liters. Keeping fish in a group is a prerequisite. Single fish in an aquarium are stressed and susceptible to disease.

 Do not keep Bathybates ferox with other fish, because sooner or later they will certainly be eaten. The composition of the substrate and decorative elements does not matter.

Water parameters: temperature 24-26° C, hardness dH 15-25°, pH 8,0-9,0. Water temperature should never exceed 30 ° C for a long time. Requires good filtration and increased aeration of water, as well as its weekly replacement of 1/5 of fresh water.  Nitrate levels should remain below 50 mg/l. 

Batybates ferox

The menu of fish in nature consists mainly of other smaller fish. Under aquarium conditions, fish fillets, live fish and insect larvae will suffice. Fish do not eat flake food at all. Feed the fish several times a day in small portions.



In aquarium conditions Bathybates ferox is quite difficult to breed. Spawning occurs at a temperature of about 25° C and pH 8,0.  Also, little is known about fish spawning in the wild. The female incubates the eggs in her mouth for 3-4 weeks and does not feed at all during this time. On average, the female hatches about 25 eggs. She also takes full care of the eggs and fry.

Bathybates ferox

All in all it is an interesting fish, if not because of the color, then because of the character and the diet itself, although rather expensive and rarely found in the trade network.

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