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Cherax quadricarinatus

The Australian red-clawed crayfish is naturally found in the waters of Papua New Guinea and northern Australia, where it can be found in rivers and streams. These crayfish are now widely distributed outside their natural range as a result of the aquarium trade. These crayfish have an attractive appearance and have become very popular among aquarists.

Cherax quadricarinatus have orange-red claws and bluish legs. The carapace is dark blue with beige and red-brown spots, with red leg joints. However, other colour variations with a greenish or grey tint can be found among aquarists. In juveniles, the colour pattern is slightly different and usually ranges from light blue to light grey, with white speckles and whitish leg joints. Unique features of red-clawed crayfish include:

  • the presence of four distinct anterior carapace ridges,
  • a red spot on the outer edge of the claw (a feature of males), hence the common name.

Males reach a size of 15 cm, while females are slightly smaller.

Cherax quadricarinatus

Cherax quadricarinatus are very beautiful crayfish. For many aquarists, they are a matter of prestige. Keeping and taking care of these crayfish is relatively easy.

They should be kept in pairs or groups in an aquarium with a capacity of 80 liters per pair. The substrate used is sand or fine gravel poured as a layer of 5 cm. A large number of stones should be placed in the aquarium, which can serve as shelter for the crayfish. Keep in mind that the crayfish often burrow in the ground and may undermine different decoration elements in the aquarium, which is why they need to be secured.

Cherax quadricarinatus are peaceful and friendly crayfish. As stated above, they can be kept singly, in pairs or in groups in a species aquarium. Can be kept in a community tank with fish and shrimps.

Water parameters: temperature 18-28° C, hardness 3-20°, pH 6,8-8,5. Requires filtration and a weekly change of 1/5 of the aquarium water with fresh.

Cherax quadricarinatus.

No special lighting requirements as Cherax quadricarinatus lead a nocturnal lifestyle.

Cherax quadricarinatus are not fussy about food. They will eat almost any food they are given. The crayfish will gladly eat vegetables, leaves, frozen and flaked food. It is important to keep an eye on a varied menu. If the crayfish are offered sufficient plant food, the aquarium plants usually remain unharmed. Feed the crayfish preferably after dusk.



Breeding Cherax quadricarinatus under aquarium conditions is not difficult.

Cherax quadricarinatus reach sexual maturity at the age of 6-12 months at a body weight of about 50-120 g. 

Spawning takes place at a water temperature above 23° C. The eggs (300-1000 eggs) incubate under the female belly for 6-8 weeks. During embryonic development the eggs change colour from green to brown and orange.

The newly hatched calves are unable to live apart from their mother for the first 7-10 days. After that, they leave their mother after 1-3 days and begin leading an independent life.

Cherax quadricarinatus

Under acceptable housing conditions, females can spawn 4 times a year.

Cherax quadricarinatus has a lifespan of about 4-5 years.

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