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Anubias Nangi

Anubias Nangi is a rather interesting hybrid of anubias, which is not as widely known as some of its relatives, but at the same time it is a plant worth paying attention to.

Anubias Nangi is an anubias hybrid that was bred decades ago, but is not well known in aquaristics. It has relatively long and pointed leaves that set it apart from many other anubias. Like almost all anubias, it is extremely hardy, undemanding and quite comfortable in various water parameters.  Anubias Nangi belongs to the group of slow-growing plants, often blooms under water (yellow flower with white petals, shaped like a corn cob) and its leaves last for several years. The bush reaches a height of 5-15 cm.

Anubias Nangi

Care for Anubias Nangi is the same as for other species of anubias. The plant is best placed in the middle ground and will look best in low to moderate light. Bright lighting can provoke algae growth on its leaves, eventually making the shrub unattractive. To some extent, algae on the leaves of the plant can be combated by placing a population of Amano shrimp or short-nose shrimp, snails and algae-eating fish in the tank.

Like all anubias, this plant grows in a creeping fashion, with leaves arranged along the rhizome. It is a medium to foreground plant.  It is not worth planting the shrub in the ground, as its rhizome in the substrate layer begins to rot and eventually the plant dies. It grows best when attached to a large rock or driftwood. The plant can also be grown in humid conditions of a paludarium.

Water parameters: temperature 22-27 ° C, acidity pH 5.5-9.0. To accelerate the development of the bush is not possible even by feeding CO2, although it is desirable. Feeding with liquid microfertilizers is also required. Necessary filtration of water from the fine sediment, which settled on the leaves of plants leads to their damage, as well as a weekly substitution of ¼ of the aquarium water with fresh.

Anubias Nangi

The plant is very hardy.  It requires very little light, so it feels great even in poorly lit aquariums.


For propagation Anubias Nangi can be used both its lower parts and "head cuttings", if they have parts of the rootstock (rhizomes). 

Because of its ease of propagation (simple division of the mother plant) as well as its decorative appearance, Anubias Nangi is on the list of indispensable plants for all types of aquariums, and plant-eating fish are bypassing it.

Anubias Nangi

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