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Acnodon normani

Acnodon normani is native to the lower Amazon River, Brazil. The fish stays in open areas with crystal clear water.

The fish gets its name after the naturalist John Roxbro Norman (1898-1944), who first discovered it.

Currently, there are three species in the genus Acnodon, among which A. oligacanthus is easy to distinguish because it lacks vertical stripes on the body, has a more or less terminal mouth, and is not an Amazon species. A third representative, A. setnai, is known only from the Yari River, a left-bank tributary flowing into the Amazon slightly downstream from the Shingu River. It differs from A. normani in having a thinner body, enlarged lips on the lower jaw, and flexible gills surrounded by a lobed membrane (compared to the rigid gills surrounded by a smooth membrane in A. normani). In terms of appearance, the two representatives are externally very similar.

Acnodon normani

Acnodon normani has a body pattern typical for fish living in open water, consisting of thin vertical stripes on a light blue background, thanks to which the fish are perfectly camouflaged when the sun shines brightly.  Adult males have a blade on the anal fin, located 23-28 rays from the first branched ray.  The segments of the rays on which the blade is located are short, simple, and relatively wide. The maximum size is 12.5-13.5 cm.

Acnodon normani in general unpretentious and peaceful fish. Keep fish is recommended in a species aquarium of 200 liters, a small group of 4-6 individuals. Given the tendency Acnodon normani rip off the scales of larger fish, this species is not recommended for the general aquarium, although it does not seem to cause damage to smaller fish. Use coarse-grained river sand or gravel as substrate. Place large boulders at the bottom. Live plants should not be planted, because they will certainly be eaten. Most of the time the fish spend in the upper and middle layers of water.

Acnodon normani

Water parameters: temperature 22-28° C, hardness dH 4-18°, acidity pH 5,5-7,5. Requires quality filtration, powerful aeration and a weekly substitution of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh. The aquarium should create a water flow, for example, by directing the withdrawal nozzle water filter along the back wall of the aquarium or using for this purpose water pump. The aquarium must have a cover, otherwise it is very likely that the fish will jump out of it.

Acnodon normani are herbivorous fish. In nature, they also eat the scales of other fish. Under aquarium conditions, the fish eat a variety of sinking live and frozen food, as well as dry and flake food containing spirulina. The fish are fed twice a day.


Acnodon normani do not breed under aquarium conditions.

Acnodon normani

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