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Adontosternarchus balaenops

Adontosternarchus balaenops, Sternarchus balaenops is a freshwater fish of the family Apteronotidae found in the upper Amazon basin, South America.

Adontosternarchus balaenops has an elongated and highly laterally flattened body, strongly tapering toward the caudal fin. The basic coloration ranges from light gray to cream. The entire body, including the head, is covered with numerous dark brown spots. The body of fish without scales. The muzzle bluntly rounded in front. The anal fin starts just behind the head, is very long, and ends at the tail plumage. The backbone has a long thread-shaped fat fin, hidden in a fold of skin. The caudal fin is small. The fish is able to generate an electric field with the help of converted nerve cells (electroreceptors) distributed throughout the body from head to tail, with which it can navigate and communicate with congeners. Accurately determine the sex of the fish can only be by electrical impulses, which in males and females differ in frequency, but this requires special equipment. The maximum size of fish reaches 25 cm.

To keep Adontosternarchus balaenops requires an aquarium with the maximum possible bottom surface, the minimum length and width of 150x60 cm. As decorations at the bottom have large snags and stones. Plants are not planted in the aquarium.

Adontosternarchus balaenops

Sternarchus balaenops are generally calm fish, showing signs of aggression only in small aquariums. At a relatively large size fish get along well with each other and do not pay attention to other fish. However, they can not contain with fish species that will try to bite their tail. Preferably contain a group of fish consisting of at least 6 specimens, but you need to take care of the appropriate volume of the aquarium. It should be noted that Adontosternarchus balaenops not hide in hiding and prefer to be in the stream or in close proximity to it.

Water parameters: temperature 21-26° C, hardness dH 1-10°, pH 6,0-7,0. Necessary filtration, aeration and replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh water every three days. The fish live in the current, so the aquarium should create a fairly strong current of water, for example, using a pump.

Lighting is weak, in many cases enough daylight entering the aquarium at its location near the window. Alternatively, to illuminate the aquarium, you can apply a fluorescent lamp capacity of about 8 watts.

The fish menu consists of a variety of live and frozen food: artemia, daphnia, bloodworms, earthworms. The food is given in the evening.


Adontosternarchus balaenops does not breed under aquarium conditions. Nor is the lifespan of the fish in the wild known.

Adontosternarchus balaenops

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