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Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro

Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro naturally inhabits water bodies of South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The fish can be found in river beds and tributaries, and with the onset of the rainy season and flooded areas.

Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro has an elongated body compressed from the sides. The body coloration is bronze. There is a dark spot on the body just behind the gills. The fins are red or orange. Males slimmer than females. Females are usually slightly larger than males. The maximum size of fish is 24 cm.

Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro is a very active and fast fish, so requires a large living space in the aquarium. The minimum size of the aquarium should be 250x90 cm. If you keep fish in a small aquarium, they will be overly fearful and can easily hurt themselves on the glass when startled.

Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro

These fish are naturally kept in open water. When they are kept in an aquarium does not need to have at the bottom of any decorations, it is enough of a sandy substrate. You can place a couple of small snags and a few handfuls of pre-dried leaves of beech or oak. Also, the perimeter of the aquarium can plant Microsorum pteropus 'Trident', Vesicularia dubyana or Anubias barteri. Be sure to cover the aquarium with a lid, as the fish are very jumpy and can easily leave the aquarium.

Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro relatively peaceful to all fish that can not be swallowed - all that can fit into their mouths will certainly be eaten. In relation to their relatives, they do not show signs of aggression. Young fish are kept in a flock and adults prefer to swim alone. In the aquarium preferably contain a small group of fish, consisting of 4-6 individuals. It is also necessary to consider an important point that Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro are cannibals, so it is desirable, buying a group of fish or adding to the existing group in the aquarium, to select copies of comparable sizes.

Water parameters: temperature 22-28° C, hardness dH 2-15°, pH 6,0-7,5. Need aeration, highly efficient filtration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh.

Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro

Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro's main menu in the wild is fish. Newly acquired specimens may refuse any food except live fish. Gradually they can be accustomed to fish meat and even dry food. Should not be given the meat of mammals, from which the fish begins obesity and degradation of internal organs. Food is given 1-2 times a day.


In aquarium conditions Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro does not breed.

In nature, spawning occurs in the water column. During spawning, the female remains motionless and the male describes figure-of-eight circles around her. The eggs are scattered chaotically over a large area and settle on the bottom and leaves of plants. Producers do not take care of the eggs and future fry.

Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro

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