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Otopharynx tetrastigma

Otopharynx tetrastigma, Chromis tetrastigma, Cyrtocara tetrastigma, Haplochromis tetrastigma, Tilapia tetrastigma occur naturally in the southern part of African Lake Malawi. These fish have also been found in the Shire River and Lake Malombe. The fish stay in shallow water.

Male Otopharynx tetrastigma have a shimmering body coloration, from turquoise from the head, to blue to the tail plumage. There are red iridescent colors on the body. The females are silvery in color and, like the males, have three dark spots on their bodies. During the spawning period, the coloration of males becomes darker. The fry are yellowish gray with three spots on the body. The size of males reaches 14 cm, and the size of females is slightly smaller.

Otopharynx tetrastigma

Otopharynx tetrastigma are generally peaceful and calm fish towards their own kind. Aggressive they become during the spawning period. In case of danger, the fish immediately dives into the sand, and it is no longer visible. To prevent aggression between males in the aquarium preferably contain 1 male and 2-3 females.

To contain fish suitable aquarium of 300 liters and a length of at least 150 cm. As the ground use coarse-grained river sand or fine polished gravel. Along the perimeter of the aquarium, place large stones, so that between them formed caves in which fish could swim. Also the aquarium is densely planted wallisneria.

Water parameters: temperature 24-28° C, hardness dH 8-19°, acidity pH 7,5-8,5. Requires filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh.

Otopharynx tetrastigma

In nature, Otopharynx tetrastigma feeds by sifting sand through its gills and extracting small crustaceans, insect larvae, and zooplankton. In aquariums, fish are fed live and frozen daphnia, artemia, flake and pelleted food. Give the fish bloodworm seldom. Feed the fish 1-2 times a day.


During the spawning period, the male digs a hole in the ground and draws one of the females to her. Responding to the male courtship female swims to the nest and hatches eggs in it, which the male immediately fertilize. After that, the female collects all the eggs in her mouth and swims away for cover. The eggs incubate in the female's mouth for 21 days. The fully formed fry leave the female's mouth and swim under the supervision of their mother for the first time and swim into her mouth if there is the slightest danger. Over time, fry farther and farther away from the female and eventually begin to lead an independent life, hiding in the thick vegetation and between the rocks.

The fry are fed artemia four times a day.

Otopharynx tetrastigma

The lifespan of Otopharynx tetrastigma is about 10 years.


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