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Reganochromis calliurus

Reganochromis calliurus lives naturally in the African Lake Tanganyika. The fish can be found on the muddy bottom at a depth of about 60 m, sand flats and transitional areas with rocks. In trade you can rarely find these fish, and this is due primarily to the depth at which they live, and the associated difficulties with catching them.

Reganochromis calliurus has an elongated silvery gray body. The fish are impressive with their spreading fins and bright blue iridescent rows of scales. Sex differences are not pronounced. The only effective method of determining the sex of the fish - is an examination in the anus, but this method is only suitable for experienced aquarists. The maximum size of about 14 cm.

Reganochromis calliurus

Reganochromis calliurus is a calm, peaceful fish, very rarely showing signs of aggression toward its relatives. Usually it is a slight display of strength and friendly body blows. Over time, a hierarchy is formed in the pack and smaller fish are subordinate to the larger and stronger. Pisces are timid and the lack of aquarium living space is stressed, and individuals occupying the lowest position in the hierarchy, wither away. In this regard, keep fish need to be in a spacious aquarium. Can be kept in a common aquarium with peace-loving fish occupying the upper and lower layers of water. In the case of a small aquarium, it is desirable to start with a group of 5-6 individuals, until a pair is formed, and then the remaining fish to catch and transfer to another aquarium. Pisces should be kept in pairs, and as soon as a pair is formed, they become territorial and begin to conflict with each other, so the content of more than one pair requires a large aquarium.

The aquarium should be spacious, with a volume of 200 liters. The substrate is sandy. The aquarium should provide plenty of free space for swimming fish. The perimeter should be placed various decorations, which can serve as shelters.

Water parameters: temperature 24-27° C, hardness dH 8-25°, pH acidity 8,0-9,2. Requires filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of ¼ of the aquarium water with fresh. Fish do not like a strong current of water.

Reganochromis calliurus

Medium intensity lighting. Keep in mind that Reganochromis calliurus has large eyes susceptible to develop cataracts, so bright light is contraindicated.

In nature, the diet of fish consists entirely of shrimp. In the aquarium, they eat a variety of live, frozen and dry food. Despite the very large protruding mouth, Reganochromis calliurus is not a threat to smaller fish. The food is given out 1-2 times a day.


Breeding Reganochromis calliurus is difficult, but possible.

Fish spawn in a shelter. Both parents take care of the eggs and fry by substituting for each other. The eggs incubate for about three weeks. From the first days of life, the fry eat micro worms and artemia.

Reganochromis calliurus


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