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Hyphessobrycon socolofi

Tetra Socolofa naturally inhabits the Rio Negro River, Brazil, as well as the Nhamunda River, which flows into the Amazon downstream from its confluence with the Rio Negro River. The fish stay in low currents and quiet backwaters, in forest lakes heavily overgrown with aquatic vegetation and lots of snags and tree branches on the bottom. Water in these places contains a small amount of dissolved minerals and is colored brown because of the large amount of tannins and organic acids released by decaying organics at the bottom.

Hyphessobrycon socolofi has a tall body. The coloration is golden in color. There is a bloody spot in the center of the body. The pectoral, anal, and caudal fins are transparent. The dorsal fin is scarlet at the base and black at the end. Males are larger than females and have a brighter color. Adult males have elongated dorsal, anal and pelvic fins. Females have a rounded abdomen. The maximum size of 6 cm.

Hyphessobrycon socolofi

Hyphessobrycon socolofi is a peaceful fish, making it an ideal inhabitant for a shared aquarium with other peaceful fish species. Male to some extent territorial, so still the best neighbors for them would be characids, lokarie catfish and non-predatory cichlids of medium size. Keep fish preferably in a group of 8-10 fish. In this case they will be less shy, and the behavior of competing with each other males will be very interesting to observe.

Keep Hyphessobrycon socolofi recommended in an aquarium of 120 liters, which should be densely planted with aquarium plants. This should take care of the availability of free space in the central part of the aquarium, for free swimming fish. The substrate used is sand. Place large stones and snags at the bottom. Adding the pre-dried oak or beech leaves at the bottom will further emphasize the sense of biotope, and along with this, in the process of decomposition, will grow colonies of beneficial microorganisms, which are excellent food for fry.

Water parameters: temperature 25-27° C, hardness dH 4-9°, acidity pH 6,0-7,0. Due to the fact that these fish are sensitive to high concentrations of nitrites in the water, requires good filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh.

Hyphessobrycon socolofi

Hyphessobrycon socolofi are omnivores. Fish are fed live and frozen daphnia, artemia, chaff, flake and pelleted food containing spirulina.  The food is given twice a day. The fish also eat a variety of fruits, which must first be crushed and give such an amount that they can eat in a few hours.


Hyphessobrycon socolofi, under acceptable conditions, spawns in a common aquarium. Females spawn among small-leaved plants. Producers do not show parental care. Moreover, immediately after spawning fish do not mind to eat their eggs.

To save eggs and fry desirable to breed fish in the spawning tank and immediately after spawning producers osetzavit. The fry are fed artemia at least 4 times a day.

Life expectancy Hyphessobrycon socolofi is about 3 years.

Hyphessobrycon socolofi


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