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Eriocaulon Blood Vomit

Eriocaulon Australian red or as it is also called Eriocaulon bloody vomit is a plant whose name is somewhat perplexing. This species belongs to the family Eriocaulaceae, the plants of which are characterized by an exquisite appearance. Currently, as a result of molecular studies, it is suggested that this plant does not belong to the family Eriocaulaceae, but closer to the varieties of nymphaea.

The plant got its name due to the coloring of the leaves with blood-red shades and textures. It is a fairly rare plant that is ideal as a foreground for Dutch-style aquariums.

Eriocaulon AUSTRALIAN RED (Eriocaulon Blood Vomit)

In nature, the plant grows in various parts of Southeast Asia, in tropical climates with moderately warm temperatures and crystal clear water rich in essential minerals.

Eriocaulon Blood Vomit is characterized by its bright red, sometimes maroon coloration. The leaves are small, narrow. This plant is a rosette plant, growing in a circle around a central point. The red hues of the bush create a stunning contrast against the green aquatic plants, making this plant a visually striking element of any aquascape. The roots are deep, sometimes longer than the leaves. This species of Eriocaulon is characterized by a medium growth rate and with proper care the plant reveals itself in all its glory. The height of the bush reaches 3 - 15 cm.

Many small aquarium inhabitants such as snails and shrimps find refuge among the leaves of the plant, and many species of fish spawn among its leaves.

Eriocaulon AUSTRALIAN RED (Eriocaulon Blood Vomit)

Water parameters: temperature 22-28°C, hardness 6-12°, acidity pH 6.0-7.0. Water should be crystal clear, so the presence of filtration is mandatory. Feeding with CO2 is desirable.

The substrate should be nutritious, it is necessary to introduce liquid micro and macro fertilizers in the water. Lighting moderate or strong.



Eriocaulon Blood Vomit is propagated by division, with a mature plant producing shoots that can be separated and transplanted to a new location. It is a foreground plant.

Periodic pruning is necessary, which stimulates its growth and at the same time prevents the plant from overgrowing and thus overshadowing other plants in the aquarium.

It is possible to grow Eriocaulon Blood Vomit in above-water conditions. Under these conditions, the plant can bloom, producing flower spikes with tiny, cream-colored tubular flowers.

Eriocaulon AUSTRALIAN RED (Eriocaulon Blood Vomit)

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