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Lennardi Wrasse

Lennardi Wrasse is a very beautiful and rare marine fish. In nature, these fish can be found in the subtropical reefs of the South Pacific, at a depth of 1 to 25 meters. To live to see these gobans living in the wild, you have to go to New Caledonia or French Polynesia. In these places you can find large concentrations of these rare fish. Lennardi Wrasse are very rare to find in trade, and the cost of these fish sometimes reaches $ 500.

Lennardi Wrasse are kept in reef-protected, coastal lagoons. In these areas, the bottom is covered with a thick layer of silt. Pisces during rest or when frightened, completely buried in the ground consisting of silt and sand, which should be aware of and provide them with similar conditions when contained in an aquarium.

Lennardi Wrasse females have a bright yellow-blue striped body coloration. This coloration the fish retains for several years, depending on the size of the fish. Young fish are much darker, but have similar blue stripes.

Lennardi Wrasse

The sexually mature males are very rarely seen in photographs. They are surprisingly large fish, sometimes up to 30 cm in size. Their yellow-green coloration at the front of the body turns blue-green as they approach the tail plumage. The tail plumage has alternating pink and blue stripes. There is a black spot in the center of the dorsal fin.

According to many divers watching Lennardi Wrasse in the wild, the fish is very fast and cautious. Especially cautious behave males and at the sight of people in the water immediately run away, not even allowing to take a picture, which explains the very small number of pictures of these fish.

Keep Lennardi Wrasse needed in a reef aquarium with sandy substrate depth of at least 10 cm. We must take into account the fact that the fish at night will be fully buried in the ground, so that all that is below (corals, decorations, etc.) will be constantly moving. Keep fish can be a pair or harem consisting of 1 male and 2-3 females. The minimum volume of the aquarium 400 liters.

Water parameters: temperature 22-27° C, pH 8,0-8,5, salinity 1,020-1,026. The aquarium must be covered with a lid, as fish often jump out of the water.

In natural conditions, fish eat zooplankton and bottom invertebrates. In aquarium conditions the fish are fed shrimp, sea worms and frozen seafood. Feed fish need 2-3 times a day.


In aquarium conditions Lennardi Wrasse does not breed. All fish occasionally appearing in the trade network are supplied from their natural habitat.

Lennardi Wrasse

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