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Pseudotropheus acei Ngara

Pseudotropheus acei "Ngara" naturally inhabits the western part of Lake Malawi. The fish can be found among snags, submerged trees and branches, in places with sandy bottom, at a depth of up to 10 m. In nature, Pseudotropheus swim in large flocks, sometimes numbering several thousand specimens. These flocks mainly consist of young fish - immature males and females. The fish is not difficult to keep and is recommended to beginner aquarists as the first fish of the cichl family.

Pseudotropheus acei "Ngara"

Pseudotropheus acei "Ngara" is a rather attractive and moderately aggressive fish. Representatives of both sexes have almost the same coloration. Females are slightly smaller than males. The maximum size of fish in natural conditions up to 16 cm in length in aquariums is rarely more than 12 cm. Most of the time fish spend in the middle and lower layers of water.

Despite the fact that in nature Pseudotropheus acei "Ngara" do not exhibit territorial behavior, in the aquarium they exhibit territorial signs. Keep these fish can be both in a species and in a common aquarium, a volume of 150 liters, with other, not too aggressive representatives of Lake Malawi. Keep fish should be a small harem, where 1 male has 4-6 females. It is important to place a large number of shelters at the bottom of the aquarium, so that each fish could have their own shelter. Along the back or side walls of the aquarium with large stones to simulate something similar to the rocks reaching the surface of the water. You can plant stiff-leaved aquarium plants with a well-developed root system, additionally reinforcing their roots with small stones.

Pseudotropheus acei "Ngara"

Water parameters: temperature 24-28°C, hardness dH 4-20°, acidity pH 7,5-8,5. Requires filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh.

As the soil is desirable to use coarse sand or fine river gravel.

Feed Pseudotropheus acei "Ngara" a variety of live, frozen and dry food, which in the overall fish menu should be at least half of the total amount of food dispensed. The remainder should consist of plant food: leaves of lettuce, spinach, nettle and cabbage, pieces of sweet pepper, as well as black bread. To enhance the brightness of color fish are fed daphnia, cyclops and Corella.


Under natural conditions, Pseudotropheus acei "Ngara" spawns throughout the year. Female lays eggs directly on the sandy ground, without making any hollows in it. In aquariums, the opposite tendency is observed - before the fish make small depressions in the ground before dropping the eggs, usually between the large stones. Immediately after spawning, the female collects the eggs in her mouth, where they are incubated. The hatched larvae, as soon as they leave their mother's mouth, immediately hide among the leaves of the plants.

Pseudotropheus acei "Ngara"

The life expectancy of Pseudotropheus acei "Ngara" in aquarium conditions is about 8 years.

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