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Danionella dracula

Danionella dracula naturally inhabits a relatively small area of Southeast Asia - northern Myanmar (Burma). The fish can be found in small rivers and streams flowing through the rainforest. The fish got its name: Danionella - diminutive of the common name Danio, in reference to the tiny size of 10-16 mm, and dracula - due to the long serrated fangs of males, by analogy with Count Dracula in the novel by Bram Stoker. In nature, these fish swim in large flocks, sometimes numbering several hundred individuals. Overall, these fish are quite interesting, and even novice aquarists can handle them.

Danionella dracula

The body of Danionella dracula is translucent and the internal organs and spine are clearly visible through it. In pregnant females in the pre-spawning period caviar in the abdomen is clearly visible. Males are slimmer than females and have peculiar fangs on their muzzle. These fangs are used by the male during competition with each other. By opening their mouth wide, they hit their rival with it. It should be noted that in such fights, neither of the males does not receive even the slightest injury. The maximum size of fish is 16.7 mm.

To contain Danionella dracula suitable small aquarium of 30 liters. In the aquarium, you need to ensure a small water flow. On the surface of the water should be placed a few bushes of floating plants.

Danionella dracula peaceful fish. Keep the fish should be a group of 10 individuals in a species aquarium. Perhaps a joint content with these fish other peaceful fish commensurate in size.

Danionella dracula

Under natural conditions, water temperature ranges from 15.5° C in winter to 26.6° C in summer. Under aquarium conditions, water parameters should be as follows: temperature 20-26° C, hardness dH 2-5°, pH 6,5-7,5. Necessary, filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of ¼ of the aquarium water with fresh.

As the soil is suitable for any substrate dark color. The bottom can be placed on a snag or several large stones.

Lighting should be moderate, scattered. The duration of the daylight hours of about 10 hours a day.

Feed the fish in the aquarium can be any fine foods: worms, artemia, daphnia, milled flake and pelleted foods. The main thing is that the food was small and the fish could swallow it. Feed the fish enough 2 times a day.


Danionella dracula in aquariums does not breed. All fish are imported into the domestic market from their natural habitat.

Danionella dracula

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