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Aquaristics is an extremely interesting hobby and an aquarium is always a stunning addition to the overall design of a room. Whether you are an experienced aquarist or a beginner, a certain list of equipment and materials is required in order to make the aquarium a joy to look at and for all its inhabitants to feel comfortable in it.

There is currently a huge market for aquarium equipment for different budgets, ecological requirements and aesthetic preferences. Whether you are investing in a beginner's aquarium, installing a large freshwater or marine aquarium, or making micro corrections to a complex saltwater or freshwater ecosystem, the Aquarium Online Shop will be able to help you select the correct equipment for your requirements.

Aquarium equipment

All aquariums require the same basic equipment - the correct aquarium, a secure stand, high-quality equipment and service accessories. In order to determine what you need to buy first, you should first think about which fish you want to keep. Freshwater fish come in many shapes, colours and sizes. Betta fish prefer small tanks with no current, while many cichlid species require plenty of free space. Understanding the needs of the fish you want to have will make the choice of aquarium equipment and accessories much easier.

List of basic aquarium equipment:

Aquarium heater

Aquarium heaters are used to maintain a set water temperature. Most fish require a water temperature of 23 to 26 ºC. If the room in which the aquarium is installed is colder, an aquarium heater is required. The heaters are available as suspended heaters, which are attached to one of the inner walls of the aquarium, or immersion models. The rule of thumb for choosing heater capacity is 25 watts for every 20 litres of water. If the volume of the aquarium is very large, it may be necessary to install two heaters.

Aquarium equipment

Filtration system

The aquarium filter plays an important role in maintaining proper water quality. When selecting a filter, look for a model that can filter at least 4 water volumes per hour. For example, a 100 litre aquarium requires a filter with a capacity of at least 400 litres per hour. For larger aquariums, the best option would be to purchase an aquarium filter canister type.

Aquarium compressor

An aquarium compressor is an essential accessory for aquariums. Choose an aquarium compressor according to the height of the aquarium. The higher the aquarium, the greater the air pressure required to get it to the bottom of the aquarium. A slightly larger compressor is desirable so that you can use different nozzles.

Aquarium equipment


Although most aquarium covers come with lamps, you always have the option of purchasing lighting units separately. The lighting varieties are varied and may consist of incandescent light bulbs, halogen, fluorescent tubes, metal halide and LED-lamps. A good option for aquarium beginners are fluorescent tubes, which are relatively inexpensive. Nowadays, LED lamps are becoming more and more affordable and are the best choice as they consume considerably less electricity compared to other lamps and do not heat up the water.

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