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In general, marine fish are slightly more difficult to keep than their freshwater counterparts. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to be a pro at it in order to keep a saltwater aquarium. As with freshwater fish, there are some marine fish species that are more hardy than others. There are a few basic requirements, following which all the inhabitants of a saltwater aquarium will be provided with a proper level of comfort.


The most important need of any creature is the need for food. It is very important to feed the fish in the aquarium with food that is as close as possible to the food they eat in nature. Nowadays, these foods are available as flakes, tablets or frozen food from various pet shops. Vitamins are also commercially available and can be added to menus to compensate for the various nutrients lost during the freezing process. Try to make sure that the menus of the fish are as varied as possible.

Always keep several types of food on hand. Study the basic food preferences of your fish before purchasing them so that you are able to provide them with the food they need. Do not overfeed the fish as this will lead to a build-up of waste on the bottom. Give only as much food as the marine fish can eat in the first 2 to 5 minutes. Try to remove excess food immediately after feeding the fish to keep the aquarium clean. Make a note of how much food you gave previously, and try to give the same amount the next time you feed.

Water parameters

The next point to keep an eye on is controlling the water parameters. The temperature, pH-acidity, salinity must be kept constant in a saltwater aquarium. Check the water parameters daily and make necessary changes immediately. Clean the filter regularly to prevent water turbidity.

Sea Aquarium Care Tips

Interior fittings

Have you ever heard the saying that a happy child is a healthy child? The same applies to fish. Fish should be made to feel as comfortable as possible in their new home. You should try to recreate their natural habitat as faithfully as possible. Investigate which types of coral, sponges and plants surround the fish in nature. If a particular fish lives among coral reefs, try to recreate the same conditions in the aquarium.

Finally, try not to overpopulate a saltwater aquarium. This is another common mistake beginner aquarists can easily avoid. A general rule of thumb is one small fish for every 40 litres of water. Keep in mind that what is regarded as a small fish may not be so small next month. Therefore please find out beforehand how large a particular fish may be so you can judge whether the existing aquarium is suitable for keeping it.

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