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Hoplolatilus cuniculus

Hoplolatilus cuniculus naturally inhabits the Indo-West Pacific: Maldives and Mauritius from north to south Japan and south to the Great Barrier Reef.

The fish stay close to the outer slopes of the reefs, covered with a thick layer of mud and gravel, into which they burrow in case of danger. Fish are found mainly at depths of 3-5m, although they are not uncommon in depths of up to 90m. The fish live in pairs and feed on zooplankton. Blue-bellied Hoplolatilus cuniculus are quite rare in trade, which makes them quite expensive. The fish should only be kept by experienced aquarists.

The Hoplolatilus cuniculus has an elongated body with a blunt head. Depending on where they live, they vary in colour from pale olive to yellowish, sometimes pale green. The maximum size is 16 cm.

Hoplolatilus cuniculus

Hoplolatilus cuniculus are quiet, peace-loving fish. They require plenty of living space. Keep the fish in pairs in an aquarium containing 1,000 liters. Reef-type tank, with imitation rocks and crevices and large sand areas where fish can hide by burrowing in the sand. Blue-bellied Hoplolatilus are fast and very nimble fish, constantly digging in the substrate, which must be taken into account when attaching the various decorations in the aquarium. The aquarium should always be covered to prevent the fish from jumping out of it, as they are excellent jumpers.

Possibly keep blue chooplatilus in a community aquarium with other, preferably peace-loving fish. When keeping Hoplolatilus together with aggressive fish in the daytime, they will constantly hide in hiding, thereby understimulated food. When contained with peaceable fish Hoplolatilus are less timid and most of their time will be spent in open areas of the aquarium and problems with their feeding in this case, there are no problems.

Water parameters: temperature 24,5 - 27,5° C, pH 8,0-8,5, salinity 1.020-1.026.

Hoplolatilus cuniculus

The lighting is subdued. The duration of daylight hours is about 10 hours a day. It should be noted that the initial launch of fish in the aquarium lighting should be as low as possible and gradually, over several days, to bring it to a comfortable level for the observation of fish.

Regarding the menu, feeding Hoplolatilus cuniculus meat of sea fish and crustaceans, molluscs and other meat products. The food must be ground up before feeding. Feed the fish in small portions 2-3 times per day. Hoplolatilus can eat small fish and ornamental crustaceans, which must be considered when they are kept together.


The Hoplolatilus cuniculus do not breed under aquarium conditions. Fish that occasionally appear in the trade are imported from their natural habitat.

Hoplolatilus cuniculus

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