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BiOrb Life 15 aquarium review

BiOrb Life 15 is a stylish and easy-to-maintain aquarium made from durable acrylic.

Nowadays, aquariums complete with all the necessary equipment are available in the trade. Today, we will take a look at one of these beginner's aquarium kits, the BiOrb Life 15.

BiOrb Life 15 specification:

  • Weight: 24.2 kg.
  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 60 cm.
  • Volume: 15 litres.
  • Lighting: LED lighting.
  • Material: Acrylic.
  • Accessories: biOrb 12V transformer, biOrb compressor, air atomiser, water filter with ceramic fill, water conditioner (5 ml.), bacteria inhibitor (5 ml.), standard led light bulb.
  • 2 years warranty

BiOrb Life 15



BiOrb Life 15 holds up to twelve litres of water. Although it is small enough for an aquarium, it holds a couple of fish, plants and additional decoration.

The aquarium is designed vertically and is one and a half times its width and length. Due to this, the space at the bottom of the aquarium is limited, but those fish that spend all their time in the middle layer of water will feel quite comfortable.

Five-stage filtration

The biOrb has a five-stage filtration system. These include biological (ceramic fill), mechanical (sponge) and chemical filtration as well as water stabilisation and oxygenation.An air atomiser is used for oxygenation. Also included are a bottle of conditioner and beneficial bacteria to help stabilise the water.

Air compressor

Although the air compressor supplied with the aquarium can be used with any biOrb aquarium. It is a low-voltage, low-power device.


The biOrb Life 15 aquarium has a unique design. It has a tall rectangular shape with rounded corners.

The front and rear walls are made of transparent acrylic, while the remaining walls are completely black. This design gives the aquarium a modern look that works perfectly with most interior designs.

BiOrb Life 15 is equipped with an LED lighting system. It is possible to change the emitted colour of the lamp. A total of 16 different illumination options are available, with four time cycles available. The cycles enable the intensity of the illumination to be varied depending on the time of day - the glow will be stronger in the morning and softer at night.

BiOrb Life 15

Benefits of BiOrb Life 15

Easy installation

Installing BiOrb Life 15 takes no more than thirty minutes of your time. The first step is to remove the bubble tube from the filter; turn it counter-clockwise and lift it up. Place the tube into the filter cartridge and fasten it tightly. Then insert the tube into the aquarium and attach it to the filter housing. Next, you can deal with the media and the pump. First, wash the ceramic filler thoroughly and then place it in the filter vessel. Then connect the air hose from the aquarium to the aerator pump and attach the pump to the tank. Make sure that it is above the waterline. Connect the pump cable to the transformer so that it is shaped like a drip loop.

Now you can connect the lighting system, fill the aquarium with water and connect the transformer. Once the pump is running, simply add the liquid with the bacteria to the water.

Very easy to maintain

This aquarium is also easy to clean and maintain. There is no need to take it apart. Drain a third of the water, clean the inside walls of the aquarium and then add water again. Be sure to add water conditioner to the fresh water before pouring it into the aquarium.

To clean the filter cartridge, simply remove the old one and insert a new one. The same applies to replacing the air nozzle.

Maintenance of the aquarium does not require much experience and can be handled by any beginner.

Extremely compact and stylish design

BiOrb Life 15 can easily fit on a small table or even a bookshelf. Since the aquarium takes up more vertical space than horizontal, it fits perfectly in more compact areas.


BiOrb Life 15 is made of acrylic, which is 10 times stronger than glass. Unlike glass, acrylic is also less prone to breakage. If the aquarium falls for any reason, it is likely to remain intact!

Disadvantages of BiOrb Life 15

More stylish than functional

Due to its small volume, this aquarium cannot cover all the space requirements of the fish. This aquarium is only minimally capable of maintaining a comfortable environment for its inhabitants. However, if space is at a premium, this is the ideal aquarium for you.

Overall verdict

After considering all the positives and negatives, overall we recommend the biOrb Life 15 aquarium.

It is easy to install and maintain, has a compact size and the lighting and unique design features are very attractive. Since it includes all the necessary equipment and accessories in one box, you can install it in a matter of minutes.

Although there is no powerful filter in this kit, you won't be disappointed if you prefer aesthetic appeal over demanding fish keeping.

The BiOrb Life 15 looks nice, functions normally for its intended purpose and saves you from having to assemble a complete kit in person.

BiOrb Life 15

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