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The Aulonocara auditor, formerly Trematocranus auditor, naturally inhabits the northern part of African Lake Malawi and occurs in three populations there, namely in Charo, Mdoka and Ngara. They are mainly found in large numbers on the Mdoka, where the sandy bottom changes to rock. The depths at which they inhabit range from 12 to 25 meters. They are often found in the transition zones from sand to boulders. During the breeding season (in Lake Malawi November/December), they move to the outer transition zone to establish their spawning grounds between the rocks. The fish stay in large groups. This species is protected and therefore rarely appears on the market.

The male Aulonocara auditor is colored silver with a blue head and dorsal fin, which varies in color from yellow to blue, with black edging. The caudal fin is also yellow. The pelvic fins are black, and the anal fin is black with large egg spots. The female is silvery gray with strong egg spots on the anal fin. The male can reach a size of 10 cm, and the female does not exceed 9 cm.

It is recommended to keep fish in the proportion of 1 male to 2-3 females. To contain 2 males and 5-6 females require an aquarium of 300 liters. Use fine sand as a substrate. At the bottom are a lot of large stones, placed so that between them formed caves, which could swim freely of fish.

Water parameters: temperature 23-28° C, hardness dH 4-20°, pH 7,5-8,5. Requires filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh.

Aulonokary auditor, as well as other species of aulonokar, looking for food in the sand, sifting small invertebrates. Under aquarium conditions, the fish are fed shrimp, frozen Artemia nauplii and bloodworms, as well as dry food. The food is given twice a day.


Aulonocara auditor reaches its sexual maturity at the age of 10-15 months.

During the spawning period, the male cleans the surface of a flat rock of dirt and attracts the female to him. After. As the female marks the eggs and the male fertilizes her, she collects all the eggs to her mouth and hides in the shelter. All care of the eggs and fry is taken care of by the female.

During the incubation of eggs in her mouth, the female does not eat anything. The larvae hatch out after a few days. For the first few days of life, the fry feed on the substances in their yolk sacs. Once the fry leave their mother's mouth they begin to lead an independent life.

The lifespan of the Aulonocar Auditor under aquarium conditions is about 10 years.

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