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Devario auropurpureus

Devario auropurpureus in natural conditions lives in Inle Lake located in eastern Myanmar, Yunshan State. The water in this area is clear and the maximum depth is 3 meters. This fish species is currently listed as endangered. As a result of human agricultural activities, the water in the lake and the area around it is polluted, leading to the mass extinction of many fish populations.These fish are undemanding and can be recommended for novice aquarists to keep.

Devario auropurpureus has a silvery coloration with an orange cast. Transverse dark-colored stripes run throughout the body. Sexual differences are not expressed. Mature females are slightly larger and fuller than males. The maximum size of the fish is 8 cm.

Devario auropurpureus

Devario auropurpureus fish are peaceful and fearful. To make their behavior more relaxed need on the surface of the water to plant more floating plants, and neighbors to them to pick up not too shy and larger fish.

Keep Devario auropurpureus necessary to the group consisting of 8-10 individuals. In this case they will be less timid and will demonstrate more natural behavior. For such a number of fish suitable aquarium of about 100 liters.

Water parameters: temperature 20-24° C, hardness dH 10-20°, pH pH 6,0-8,0. Need filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh. The movement of water in the aquarium should not be strong. In addition, it must always be covered to prevent jumping fish out of water.

Coarse-grained river sand can be used as substrate.

Medium intensity lighting of about 10 hours a day.

The diet of fish in nature consists mainly of insects and aquatic invertebrates. In an aquarium environment Devario auropurpureus is fed various dry food, which can serve as a basic, but the fish should be regularly fed live and frozen food: daphnia, artemia and chironomid. The fish should be fed twice a day.


Under acceptable keeping conditions Devario auropurpureus spawn periodically. Fish do not care about their eggs, so the number of hatched fry in the general aquarium is small.

However, if you wish to increase the number of surviving fry, you need to breed fish in a specially designed for this purpose spawning tank. For this approach is suitable small aquarium of about 30 liters, which should be filled with water from the main tank. At the bottom to place a separator grid and whether to plant bushes of javanese moss.

Producers (1-2 pairs) are planted in the spawning tank and fed abundantly. Spawning takes place in the morning hours. Immediately after spawning producers should be removed.

Devario auropurpureus

The eggs are incubated for 50-60 hours. Hatched larvae are sedentary for about 2 days, after which they begin to swim and feed. The starting food for them are micro worms, artemia, powdered dry food.

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